This page contains the necessary details for our digital signatures, disclosures, communication and records.

We strongly advise you thoroughly go through the related information hereinbefore submitting your personally identifiable data on our website before getting into an electronic agreement.

Submitting your Personally Identifiable Information via an online form on our website just goes to show that you have given us your consent and have agreed to have read, acknowledged and understood this e-consent notice.

You hereby acknowledge that you are well familiar with how the transactions are carried out and how you can communicate electronically, utilize our services in assisting to match you with a lender, and how to cooperate with the matched lender.

Once matched with a lender, you are required to provide your digital or electronic signature as a sign of consent (as proof that you agree to our terms). Your e-consent is necessary to give you access to our various services and products of your interest.

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Hard Copies

You can at any time request for a printed copy of the disclosure and legal notices directly from the lender at no cost. You are also eligible to retain the hard copies of your requested legal documents as stated by law.

Scope of Consent

Electronic communication can be described as any activity that includes, but is not limited to digital interactions with the use of mobile phones, smart devices, tablets, or computers.

Withdrawing Consent

The e-consent you provide us to help match you with a suitable third-party lender is done for a one-time transaction, and by so, it cannot be withdrawn once submitted.

Once connected with a third-party lender, you have the right to retreat it at any time from that particular lender, with no additional charges. But note that withdrawing your e-consent prior to getting funding will restrict you from receiving your intended funds from the respective lender.

Legal effectiveness, validity and enforceability before electronic disclosures will not be implemented when you withdraw on your e-consent.

To make further changes to your personal information (such as your email or mailing address) as it relates a payday loan offer, kindly contact your respective lender and notify them prior as soon as possible to avoid miscommunication.

For more information as it relates withdrawing your e-consent, kindly contact your payday lender directly.

E-consent in somewhat initiated when any of the above forms of e-communication are being implemented between you and a third-party lender. The implication of the automatic admission of an e-consent just goes to show that your information can be collected and processed electronically.

Your payday lender may also send you update disclosures, reports and many more digitally along with links to third-party websites.

By giving out your e-consent, you concede and agree that the above mentioned methods of e-communication is deemed similar as the same communication done via hard copy documents and can be held legally accountable.

Note that, when doing business online or via an electronic media, it implies that the related parties have access to the necessary hardware and software facilities to successfully carry out the entire process. With that said, do ensure that whatever device you are using for the transaction best suits the necessary requirements for the same.

The below hardware and software requirements are listed below.

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Hardware and Software Requirements

The following hardware and software are needed to access and retain the disclosures electronically:

A personal computer or MAC compatible computer or any other device with access to the internet and is capable of logging in to an email account or can open web pages on a web browser. The web browser being used must support 128-bit encryption such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

A PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader X or Foxit is also required for easy readability of some documents.

For more information relating to these hardware and software requirements that hasn’t been disclosed in this section, feel free to contact your third-party lender for the appropriate answers.

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