Terms and Conditions

This page contains relevant information as it concerns our terms and conditions and how it relates your usage of instantpaydayla.com.

We strongly advise that you carefully go through and revisit this section once in a while as we have every right to modify it as it best fits. We also encourage that you read through our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we make use of your Personally Identifiable Information.

It’s very important to note that on using any of our services on XYZ.com , you agree to all out Terms and Policies and admit to abide to them.

The following Terms and Conditions help to regulate the relationship between stated parties as it relates the use of the website.

If you do not feel convenient with any of our below stated Terms and Conditions, please cease from using our website, and exit all our web pages.

Usage Restrictions

Our platform is limited to only residents in the United States. With that said, foreigners are restricted from using our platform, and we do not collect any data from such users.

We also don’t grant minors access to our website services – you must be at least 18 years old with a steady source of income to qualify for any of our service(s).

Our Company Services

InstantPaydayLA is not a direct lender, nor do we represent any financial institution/entity or make credit decisions. We simply act as a link that connects borrowers with third-party lenders via our network of independent lenders and financial organizations.

We give users that have access to our platform a quick access to a vast network of trusted lenders. Users simply have to submit a funding request via our online web form and get linked with a financial provider.

We do not interfere with your communication with a lender, neither would we promote nor represent services of any specific lender.

We also do not influence the approval process for your payday loan request with a lender, as well as the amount and terms of the loan offer.

With that said, InstantPaydayLA cannot guarantee that your attempt to be matched with a third-party lender will yield to the approval of your payday loan request, or that you will be funded with your desired amount.

All questions that relate to your payday loan approval, fees, APR and others should be properly communicated with your lender.

InstantPaydayLA will not be responsible for any damage incurred, costs or misunderstanding that may occur between you and your lender.

By signing up for any of our payday loan offers, you acknowledge that you are well aware of our Terms and Conditions of Use and other relevant documents that govern the way the website operates

You also acknowledge that you will be needed to fill in some of your Personally Identifiable Information which includes, but are not limited to your financial information and bank account details, personal contact and employment status to get access to our network of lenders. You approve to the fact that we may share these information with lenders, and they in turn have the right to make use of the information.

Our third party lenders also have the right to contact you via direct phone calls, email, mail and other media sources with the sole purpose of providing you (the borrower) with the best possible solution to your financial needs.

By using instantpaydayla.com , you agree to the use of the website for its direct purposes and in full co-operation with our terms and the United States’ legislation.

Lenders may also choose to verify your personal information to check your eligibility status for a loan offer. This may require them addressing national databases and credit reporting agencies with such requests.

Authorized Use and Intellectual Property Rights

Instantpaydayla.com, its brand identity (logo), trademark, software, content and related materials are protected by the United States’ copyright laws.

We do not delegate any of our intellectual property for use by the general public. Therefore, all unlawful reproduction, sale, copy or misuse of instantpaydayla.com and its related intellectual properties without our consent is a violation of our rights and is strictly prohibited.

Violation to our intellectual property is considered illegal and can lead to legal actions.

Marketing Practices

The marketing practices page on our website properly describes the way we approach marketing for our product and services.

By making use of instantpaydayla.com, you acknowledge your consent to our various marketing practices, and that we and our third party partners have the right to reach out to you via our specified methods of contact.

Third Party Links

When making use of our website, you may come across links to third party websites. These links are provided as reference more information regarding the services of these third parties.

You clicking on these links are at your own will, and we take no responsibility for the content of these third party websites and cannot be held accountable for the accuracy of the information provided on these websites.

InstantPaydayLA in no way endorses nor represents these third party websites.

Therefore, we cannot be held liable for their content, practices, privacy policy and terms.
With that said, whatever deals and communication done with third party websites is at your own volition and risk.


An e-consent is a form of electronic signature of a user.

By clicking on a button agreement link such as ‘Submit’, “I Agree”, ‘Consent’, “E-Sign”, etc. you give us access to your electronic signature. You also agree to the terms that there can be communication between you (the borrower), and the third party lender electronically.


All disputes that may arise directly from the use of the Site or any of its related service(s) shall be resolved via arbitration only.

These disputes should be legally addressed in the form of official complaints sent for arbitration, and by choosing to make use of instantpaydayla.com , you acknowledge that you concede to solving any dispute through arbitration in reflection of the terms set herein.

By giving your consent to these Terms and Conditions of use, you agree that you clearly repudiate your right to represent yourself individually or with a legal counsel in the presence of a judge, in a law court.

You therefore concede to waive your right to take any class action suits against the company.

For any reason, should you choose to decline to Our arbitration clauses, you’d be required to send out a well written letter to InstantPaydayLA within ten (10) days post accepting these Terms and Conditions of use.
The request must be addressed to instantpaydayla.com and must clearly indicate your first and last name, contact details (telephone number, home address and email address) along the below statement:

“I hereby decline to the arbitration clause of the Company as stated on its Terms and Conditions page”


By agreeing to keep using our website and its related services is considered as your indemnification to the company, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates and its individual members, directors, employees, agents, bankers, co-partners as non-harmful and approve that no claims nor liabilities may be brought by you to:
i) Your inappropriate or irrational use of the website, (ii) Your breach of these terms of use or (iii) any disagreement between you and any third party.

The provisions of this clause may be averred in case of the respective dispute or claim brought by you.

Violation of Terms

In cases where a user violates any of our Terms of Use, we have every right to terminate their account without prior notice and remove all content or materials they’ve submitted to our website.


The provisions outlined in this current Terms of Use will not cease to be in operation even if we don’t manage to yield to one its provisions. If one or

Some provisions of the Terms of Use contradict the law, the residual provisions will be left valid and the contradicting ones will be severed.

Modifications and Updates

We strongly advise that you carefully go through this document and revisit this page once in a while as we have every right to make changes and update the current Terms as we see best fit without prior notice.

If any change is made to this document, you will be properly notified via an email or through an announcement on our website.

Contact Information

For any further request, complaint or enquiry regarding any of our services, you can contact us via contact@instantpaydayla.com (or Branden S. Whittington 3087 Mesa Drive Las Vegas, NV 89101 ).
You can also reach out to us via our contact form .