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InstantPaydayLA simply acts as a secure bridge or link that connects borrowers with lenders. As stated in our on the website, we do not influence the rates and fees of our various lenders, neither do we oblige any user to contact a lender with respect to getting his or her loan application accepted.

Our third-party lenders offer a vast range of payday loans (from $200 to $5000) to residents in the state of Louisiana.

The contact present on our website related to short-term loans and cash advances are for information purposes only.

InstantPaydayLA does not guarantee approval of your payday loan request. Rather, the information practices provided on the website will help you secure a payday loan, quick and easy. And just as no system is perfect, InstantPaydayLV does not guarantee that all your payday loan requests will be successfully paired with the perfect lender that will provide you with your exact loan amount.

We do not collect, store, or access the details associated with fees and charges being offered by lenders on our platform, neither do we endorse any lender on our network.

Funding may vary, depending on your lender.

We don’t control a lender’s choice to conduct a credit check for your loan offer, and these credit checks may be done with, but not limited to these three major credit bureaus:

And submitting on a payday loan request simply gives a lender right to check your creditworthiness, and other personal details.

Lenders will also require to perform the necessary verification processes which including, but are not limited to verifying your social security number, national identity, place of residence, and any other identification documents as submitted in your application request.

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