Rates and Fees

Instantpaydayla is not a direct lending or financial institution. We are not placed in charge of making any credit decisions; neither do we control our lenders’ rates at a particular range.

Although, We as a platform help to streamline the entire loan process from start to finish, we cannot determine, nor influence the exact fees, nonpayment rules, rates, APR, and renewal policy provided by respective lenders for the same reason.

InstantPaydayLA is a well-secured online platform that helps to connect borrowers with reliable lenders that are ready to deal with their current financial needs.

Yes, we do not influence the rates and fees of our lenders, we make it a point to ensure that all our lenders stick to the related federal, state, global and local rules and regulations involved in getting a payday loan.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that our lenders adhere to fair credit practices when giving out short-term cash advances to our customers.

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On our part, we tend to educate customers with the necessary set of information that can better help them understand what a payday loan really is, how it works, and how to properly utilize it to suit whatever their financial need.

This set of information can be found in our blog section on the website, or when a customer subscribes to one of our newsletters for regular payday loan updates.

With this, users can be properly educated on the various laws associated with getting payday loans.

The two agencies in charge of creating and enforcing payday loan laws that protect users from unfair service practices are:

Our primary goal at InstantPaydayLA is to give users total control of how much funds they can borrow from us in a more conducive and user-friendly manner. You can, at any point in time decline a payday loan offer that’s unsuitable to you.

With your payday loan request approved, your assigned lender will propose an offer to you which includes the various fees and APR associated with the payday loan term, as well as renewal options. We strongly advise that you go through this agreement very carefully and thoroughly to see if it best fits your current financial state.

Take special consideration on non-payment related fees to see how well you can cope even with slack in late payment of your loan offer.

Don’t shy away from contacting and communicating with your lender to discuss ways of settling your loan payment peradventure you fail to pay back on the loan offer as at when due.

Finally, make it a habit of reading the various laws associated with getting a payday loan in your current state of residence. These regulations tend to change from time to time. Because you don’t want to get caught up with paying higher rates on a payday loan offer under the wrong assumption of its rates and fees.

You can learn more about the various payday loan regulations in your respective state via:

  • Paydayloaninfo.org
  • NCSL.org

For more information on your current payday loan offer, please contact your lender directly. InstantPaydayLA is only concerned with answering questions related to our service only.

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