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There are so many reasons one might choose to get online payday loans Louisiana.

With a current population of 4.67 million people, Louisiana currently accounts for about 146,333 unemployed residents (which is a rough 7.1% of its total population).

The state of Louisiana is well known for the following economic activities:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture & forestry
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Other services

It can be really difficult living a standard life in the state of Louisiana, even with a good working job. Working $27 per hour, with an average salary of about $66,665, you’ll agree with me that it can be pretty difficult living the kind of life you want to with these conditions.

And it becomes worst with unexpected expenses which may include medical expenses, auto repairs, home repairs, and improvement, unplanned travels, unexpected gifts, and many more.

A research conducted by Louisiana State University shows that in 2020 alone, the state of Louisiana recorded over 25,000 motor accident cases. These expenses don’t have to be ‘unexpected’ so to say…

What if you need some little money to improve on your agricultural produce, finance your transportation and manufacturing business?

What then do you turn to for a quick solution?

Why Should I Consider Online Payday Loans Louisiana?

Why Should I Consider Online Payday Loans Louisiana?

You might not find it needful, but online payday loans in Louisiana are actually worth it.

Not considering all the many positive and negative reviews, a payday loan still remains one of the most convenient solutions for your monthly budget management. They are there to help you get the money you need, whilst on the go.

Some major reasons why you should actually consider a cash advance loan in Louisiana:

1.It can be really difficult getting a loan directly from a regular traditional bank.
2.To cover up for various utility bills, rent, and monthly groceries.
3.To cover up for one of the above-listed unexpected expenses.
4.To cover up credit card debt.
5.To avoid borrowing from family and friends.
6.To secure better business opportunities.
7.For a quicker and more convenient alternative to borrowing.

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Getting Online Payday Loans in Louisiana

A payday loan is a small cash advancement slated for a short term that you can leverage to cover up unexpected expenses and pay back on your next paycheck.

The major question one may ask as it regards getting these short term loans in Louisiana is – are online payday loans legal in Louisiana?

Anyone can get a payday loan in Louisiana as this is considered legal in the state of Louisiana.

Some major benefits attached to getting installment loans online in Louisiana are:

  • The very convenient application process
  • Fast approval rates
  • Quick/parent agreements and terms

#1: Very Convenient Application Process

With an online payday loan, you can apply whilst on the go.

The entire application process is made really easy as everything can be done online. So you don’t have to stress yourself, standing in long lines for hours just trying to get that little $100 to take care of your groceries for the month.

You can apply for such funds from the comfort of your home with your smartphone or PC.

You also don’t have to bore yourself filling out a long application all in the name of getting a loan. The application for these installment loans in Louisiana usually takes nothing more than 5 minutes.

#2: Fast Approval Rates

They don’t call them 24 hours payday loans for nothing!

Payday loans are one such kind of personal loan that actually require the least requirements. And once your payday loan request has been approved, your funds will be automatically transferred to your bank or checking account.

The entire process of getting a payday loan takes just about 24 hours.

#3: Quick and Easy to Get

Since the requirements are not much, it’s very easy to get a cash advance loan in Louisiana.

What’s more?

A payday loan is an unsecured kind of loan. This simply means that you don’t require collateral to get your loan request approved. Better still, we do not consider your credit rating when approving your payday loan request.

#4: Transparent Agreement and Terms

When it comes to getting a payday loan, there are no hidden charges.

You can be sure that whatever percent you are to pay back in your loan settlement is well calculated, and with the little rates attached to each payday offer, you can rest assured of satisfaction with your desired funding.

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What You Need to Understand Before Requesting for Short Term Loans in Louisiana

Nothing is stopping you from getting a cash advance in Louisiana. This can be done quickly with InstantPaydayLA.

The only thing that could limit anyone from getting a cash advance loan in Louisiana is the age factor.

To ensure that applicants are in the right state to pay back on any of our loan offers, we make it that you can only apply for our easy payday loans in Louisiana when you are at least 18 years.

Some other major requirements needed when applying for a payday advance loan in Louisiana include:

  • An up-to-date federal or state identification. This includes proof of current place of residence.
  • Proof of employment status
  • Bank account details
  • Social Security Number

Finally, our payday loan services are limited to only legal residents of Louisiana with a working monthly salary of about $1,000.

Kindly visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more about how we make use of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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What is InstantPaydayLA?

InstantPaydayLA is a socially responsible solution that offers payday loans in Louisiana, helping residents meet their short-term needs.
Learn more about InstantPaydayLA …

Here at InstantPaydayLA, we are fully licensed to offer lending solutions in the state of Louisiana. This implies that we function by Federal and State lending principles designed to protect you, the receiving party.

As a well-trusted lender in the state of Louisiana, you deal with us directly, from the time of filling out the request form on our online platform to the time of each of your loan settlements (repayment).

Here at InstantPaydayLA, we are not bothered about your current credit rating in getting your loan request approved. We partner with major credit bureaus to help improve your credit rating while still taking part in one of our loan offers.

This is because our financial expertise doesn’t just end at offering easy payday loans in Louisiana; we also place so much emphasis on financial education and improving the financial health of all our fabulous customers.

So what actually makes us different?

There are so many platforms online that you can also go to get installment loans in Louisiana. What makes us unique at InstantPaydayLA?

  • We are fully licensed to disburse loans in the state of Louisiana.
  • Our entire operations are transparent – from the total length of the loan offer to interest rates down to the total amount to be paid back in a settlement, the entire process is made very clear to you, the receiving party. All rates and terms will be communicated duly to you on applying for any of our loan offers, with no hidden fees.
  • We are quick to deliver on your loan request. With our application process taking not less than 5 minutes and our approval and funds disbursement process, not more than 24 hours, you can be sure of getting the funds you need within a day of applying.
  • We also offer additional benefits to long-lasting customers. As a loyal and consistent customer, you are entitled to reduced rates and better terms, and even higher loan amounts.

Finally, we make it easy for anyone with a digital device (whether mobile or laptop) to access any of our loan services.

Payday Advance Loan in Louisiana Costs and Regulations

The following are the basic payday advance loan costs and regulations in Louisiana:

1.A payday lender doesn’t have the right to charge you more than $1 per every $5 borrowed if your loan offer does not exceed $30.
2.The maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for a 14-day $100 loan is about 309%.
3.There’s no specific limit as to how much in which you can borrow as a payday loan in the state of Louisiana, but note – do not borrow as much as you know that you cannot repay. Late payment on a loan settlement may result to additional charges, and we may proceed to take legal actions against a borrower who fails to pay back on a payday loan offer.
4.The maximum period for a payday loan offer is from one week to 31 days (or to your next payday, which is roughly about 30 days). Payday loans can be extended if a borrower feels he needs a longer time to pay back the debt, but this should be properly communicated with the lender.
5.A payday loan that ranges from $30 to $100 attracts a legit acquisition charge which is about one-tenth of the initial payday loan amount. Note that, online payday loans that exceed $100 attract an acquisition charge not more than $10.

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